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17 August 2013

The Revenue Department : Goals and objectives

Goals and objectives

  1. Create a service oriented organisation by providing better and professional services to citizens and thereby enhancing the efficiency and fairness in tax collection by utilising modern information technology 
  2. Serve as a catalyst in driving e-services/e-commerce take up via business partnership

Project Scope

  1. The project utilises information and communications technology (ICT) to interface with its stakeholders such as the taxpayers and the public as well as the private sector, investors, academic and government agencies through the internet in an internactive mode 
  2. The Revenue Department?s initiative to utilise ICT as the main tool brings about a revolution in tax administration and drive towards improved level of serivces, transparency and efficiency


  1. Even though the project has had some successes in its current exploitation of ICT, the Revenue Department is yet to fully utilise the technology to its full potential 
  2. Internet penetration into Thailand is not as high as that of other middle income Asian countries. We are thus challenged to provide more electronic services to taxpayers and to encourage more of them to exploit the available technology

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