Accounting Services

Train client?s staff to handle basic accounting functions
Provide monthly bookkeeping and accounting management services
Apply for tax ID cards and VAT registration
Provide monthly financial statement and ledger
Prepare all accounting books and reports in accordance with accounting laws and Revenue Department regulations
Prepare monthly tax returns (VAT, withholding tax), and file mid-year and annual corporate tax returns
Record accounting data using computer system
Provide quality auditor for annual tax returns (Optional)
Provide advice on the company?s accounting and tax matters during normal working hours by phone/fax/email


Monthly Withholding Tax (Por Ngor Dor 1, 3, 53)
Monthly VAT (Por Por 30)
Monthly Social Security Fund Contributions
Monthly Financial Report (Profit/ Loss and Balance Sheet)
Mid-year Corporate Tax Report (Por Ngor Dor 51)
Annual Personal Income Tax Report (Por Ngor Dor 90)

Tax Management

Study & analyze client?s business
Inform client of all tax concerns
Train and supervise client?s staff to handle the company?s complex tax matters
Provide advice on the company?s tax matters by phone/fax/email
Keep the company informed of new procedures and amendments to Thai taxation laws
Provide guidance on tax planning strategies to reduce overall tax exposure
Handle enquiries made by the Revenue Department and assist in minimizing tax liability