SiAc Consulting Co., Ltd. has been providing professional accounting and business support services, including assistance with tax, legal, visa and work permit matters, to businesses in Thailand since 2006.

Under the guidance of its founder and managing director, Mrs. Nonthacha Kongmuang, who has more than 10 years of experience in the accounting business, SiAc is dedicated to delivering premium quality service to clients through its expert staff.

SiAc Consulting operates from two locations: Bangkok and Pattaya. The head office, which offers the full range of services, is located in Bangkok and the branch and sales office is situated in Pattaya.

SiAc Consulting Co., Ltd offers a variety of standardized, precision-oriented services to small and medium-sized companies who would benefit most from the expertise of an experienced CFO. We strive to provide our clients with effective solutions to their problems, based on a clear understanding of their needs and circumstances.

We train client's staff to handle basic accounting functions. Provide monthly bookkeeping and accounting management services. Apply for tax ID cards and VAT registration. Provide monthly financial statement and ledger. Prepare all accounting books and reports in accordance with accounting laws and Revenue Department regulations

Prepare monthly tax returns (VAT, withholding tax), and file mid-year and annual corporate tax returns. Record accounting data using computer system. Provide quality auditor for annual tax returns. Provide advice on the company's accounting and tax matters during normal working hours by phone/fax/email

Registration of company name. Registration of branch, representative and regional offices. Registration of Trademarks. Applications to change directors, company address or issued capital. Applications for Board of Investment privileges for certain types of businesses. Applications for all necessary licenses, and assistance with relevant contracts and agreements. Assistance in opening company bank accounts

Work Permits and Visas. Applications for one-year non-immigrant B visas and extensions. Analysis of client's business. Applications for work permits

Calculate employee wages, taxes, social security fund contributions and other deductions. Provide bank payment instructions or diskette and issue pay slips on pay day.

Prepare payroll register and monthly summary for client's Accounting Department. Prepare & submit monthly and annual payroll tax returns. Assist key employees with annual filing of personal income tax returns

Provide an account auditing service by Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for a large companies, small companies and partnership. Provide Standard services of an account auditing & financial statements by CPA team.

Presenting observations to the administration to identify the internal deficiencies in accounting, also provide practices consulting for managing with all account transactions. Preparation of financial statements Handle inquiries made by the Revenue Department and assist in minimizing tax liability